Jeff Shields Controls The Finances For A $75 Million Company

Now He’ll Bring Financial Control To
Your City Council


About Your candidate

My name is Jeff Shields, and I’m running for Chilliwack City Council

Chilliwack is a great city. I’ve lived here most of my life and will continue to live here for a very long time. A city needs competent people to run it and I truly believe that I am the right choice for city council.

As a Chartered Accountant for over 25 years and CFO for the Visscher Group, I have a strong financial background.

I strongly believe in community service and my volunteer experience includes Chilliwack Economic Partners Corp (CEPCO), Rotary, Chilliwack Community Services and Big Brothers to name a few. I believe that this, combined with my business experience, will allow me to bring an invaluable skill set to the table.

I believe in maintaining and growing a strong local economy, fiscal responsibility and providing a safe community for all our residents.

I will always support the right solution, not the easy one.

On October 20, please get out and vote. It is not only a right, it’s an obligation. And when you cast your vote, please vote for Jeff Shields!

vote oct 20, 2018

5 Key Issues Jeff Will Address While On Council

Strong Financial Management

Chilliwack’s Need – Ensure that your tax dollars are spent in the most fiscally responsible manner, providing the most benefit per dollar to its citizens.

Jeff’s Experience – Over 25 years as a Chartered Professional Accountant which includes 18 years as Chief Financial Officer of the Visscher Group of Companies, a $75 million company which employs over 200 people in four locations. Member of numerous community non-profits operating within limited budgets.

Affordable Housing

Chilliwack’s Need – Urgent need to address homelessness in the downtown and assist those priced out of the real estate market to find affordable housing.

Jeff’s Experience – Chilliwack Community Services, Board of Directors; early support for Housing Hub initiative.

Public Safety

Chilliwack’s Need – Strategic use of resources to get to the core of the criminal element in our community and eliminate to once and for all. This includes not only police but social support agencies, business associations and citizen groups.

Jeff’s Experience – Board member of Chilliwack Community Services, the largest non-profit agency in Chilliwack offering services to all age groups and demographics in the city.

Continued Economic Development

Chilliwack’s Need – Continue to attract small and medium-sized employers to the Eastern Fraser Valley, as well as work with existing businesses to maintain and expand their operations in Chilliwack.

Jeff’s Experience – Strong relationships in the business community; CFO of Visscher Group; 10 years on Board of Chilliwack Economic Partners including Chair during the Molson Brewery negotiations.

Roads and Infrastructure

Chilliwack’s Need – Exploding population growth in Chilliwack in recent years has put pressure on existing roadways and infrastructure.

Jeff’s Experience – Moving people to work and goods to customers are core issues that the Visscher Group and Jeff deal with on a daily basis. Creative alternatives are always considered.

Why Vote For Jeff Shields?

1. Jeff’s Training and Experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant will ensure that strong financial management is a priority and accountability for your tax dollars is transparent.

2. Jeff’s Long-Standing Involvement in the Community has made him very familiar with the issues (such as crime and homelessness) and provides him with a strong background to help devise creative solutions going forward.

3. Jeff’s Personal Roots in Chilliwack are Deep. His passion and commitment to Chilliwack are unconditional and he will always focus on making the right decision, not the easy one.

These Community Leaders All Support Jeff For City Council

  • John and Debbie Aarts — Elmido Farms
  • Brian deVisser — Principal, Canex Building Supplies
  • Paul Donaldson — Board Chair - Community Services
  • Willy Hall — Executive Director, Sto:lo Service Agency
  • Clint Hames — Former Chilliwack Mayor
  • Rob Hasell — CEO - Emil Anderson
  • Ken Huttema — Former Chilliwack Councillor
  • Trevor McDonald — McDonald Entertainment Services
  • Bob Patterson — School Board Trustee
  • Scott Simpson — Simpson Notaries


As a fellow community board member, Jeff Shields is a valued asset. His accounting background is of great assistance when dealing with decisions requiring financial acumen, and he is a strategic thinker looking for outcomes that will most benefit our community.

Jeff listens and questions all proposals to make informed decisions. He has been on downtown planning committees to be more knowledgeable about the history of the area and the current issues and to help determine the best ways forward.

As chair of the board, he is also very effective ensuring all viewpoints are expressed and considered.

Brian Minter

Minter Gardens

The prospect of having Jeff Shields on Chilliwack City council for me is very exciting. He is an ideal candidate with a commonsense approach to problem-solving and is only motivated by what is best for Chilliwack. Jeff cares deeply about his community and has always demonstrated that he is willing to put in the necessary time. Working with him on various Rotary Club projects, I have seen Jeff prove this time and time again. He has been recognized and awarded by our Club on numerous occasions for stepping up to make a difference for Chilliwack and particularly for the benefit of Chilliwack’s youth.

Municipal leadership and governance work best when decisions aren’t influenced by a particular ideology or political bent, instead, it works best based on thoughtful analysis of the available information and the lens of benefit for the community as a whole. In this regard, Jeff will make an excellent leader, decision maker and representative of the City of Chilliwack.

Scott Simpson

Simpson Notaries

Jeff is dedicated to making our community better for everyone. He has been a great addition to the board of Chilliwack Community Services where he provides financial guidance to both the board and the management team of CCS. It’s because of our financial strength that CCS is able to consider the Paramount Housing Project. Jeff will make an excellent city councillor.

Paul Donaldson

Chilliwack Community Services

vote oct 20, 2018